Blood Trooper #1

A young Blood Trooper, wearing the signature colors of the Murder Corps.

Entrenching tools are often used as melee weapons, their edges sharpened like axes.

Plague Trooper #3

See no evil, hear no evil, speak no evil.”

Ritualistic bandaging on the face indicates that the plague-stricken soldier was administered the last rites by a local priest, presumably at the early stages of the war when knowledge of the plague was limited.


No mercenary is more beloved by locals than Toymaker.

Karl Krämer is one of the few German soldiers who survived the great betrayal of 1916 but the attrocities he witnessed left him broken in spirit. Unable to cope with the reality of war, his mind returned to the happiest days of his life and his small workshop.

Every time he passes by a village, the wandering artisan brings children gifts and feeds the poor.

Toymaker takes great pride in his work and when he is not fighting, he crafts new toys as he was taught before the war by his late father.


Drawn from the finest swordsmen of the German army, the dueling societies are another example of extreme obsession within the cult troops.

These swordsmen sparr and duel with each other day and night, honing themselves to martial perfection.

In battle they follow behind the wave of troopers, waiting for the perfect time to strike with their rapiers, their superior bladework making fast work of their foes.

Most Duelists rely on their swiftness and skill to survive and often forego the use of a helmet. Metallic spikes implanted on cranium, designed to turn the body into a weapon.

Plague Trooper #2

Putrid slime is dripping from the Stormtrooper’s compromised trunk.

Who knows what horror lies behind that mask?

Sons of the Worm troopers march forward.

Mercenary Lord

“A long road I must still travel. This is but the beginning.”
-A tired voice behind a silver mask

Maximilian Muller was a veteran of many battles before this war broke out.

An honest man and a seasoned soldier in his early forties, the cultist spies knew it would be difficult to sway Maximilian to their cause and so he was marked for termination, along with thousands others.

By 1916, all military personnel marked by the cults were pushed to the front lines with little to no support in order to cull their numbers.

It was later that year General Kruger ordered the immediate extermination of all such elements, an atrocity known as Kruger’s betrayal. Entire waves of soldiers were shot in the back by their comrades as they were going over the top, now trapped between the enemy and their treacherous brothers.

People were killed left and right by shell, gas or by the knives of the cultists. The fact that Maximilian was one of the few that survived is a testament to his spirit and his fortitude.

Years later, the old man managed to become one of the most successful mercenaries, offering his services to anyone who can afford them and readily finding empoyment in warbands intent on fighting his former, traitorous comrades.

Maximilian displays the idiosyncratic gear of a successful mercenary, including a bulletproof vest, master-crafted sword and ceremonial helmet.


Grenade Junkies are dangerous pyromaniacs obsessed with explosions, the smell of burned flesh and utter destruction.

In combat they throw grenade after grenade, not discriminating friend from foe.

Cultist Troopers

The sadistic cultist troopers are unleashed by their wicked commanders. Now free to explore their darkest desires, they patrol the lands with murderous intent.

Pray they don’t take you alive.

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