Plague Trooper #3

See no evil, hear no evil, speak no evil.”

Ritualistic bandaging on the face indicates that the plague-stricken soldier was administered the last rites by a local priest, presumably at the early stages of the war when knowledge of the plague was limited.

Worm Sergeant

Worm Sergeants lead their troops in battle as they always did.

But there is no glory or honor since the plague claimed them. Now their only orders are to spread the disease and destroy all life.

Plague Trooper #2

Putrid slime is dripping from the Stormtrooper’s compromised trunk.

Who knows what horror lies behind that mask?

Sons of the Worm troopers march forward.

Plague Heavy Gunner

“Keep your head down, boy. If the hail of bullets won’t kill you, tetanus will.”

-Merc’s advice on fighting the infected.

It is a rare sight to see a plague heavy gunner on patrol, most MG 08s are set up in machine gun nests defending their camps.

The corpse-like soldier marches forward stoically, laying down suppressing fire while shrugging off all but the most devastating wounds.

A Mouthful Of Worms

Sons of the Worm are a specialist German stormtrooper formation who worship disease, corruption and decay.

A mysterious plague ravaged their ranks during the earliest days of the cultist uprising, yet they endure.

Their rotting bodies are filled with painful buboes, clothes and bandages soak in green fluids.

But despite their horrific disfigurements, plague troopers are fearsome soldiers indeed. Their decaying brains are inured to the agony of bodily corruption, making them all but immune to pain.

Sons of the Worm make extensive use of mustard gas to support their limping infantry, hellish decaying soldiers appearing from the yellow smoke.

Plague Hound

“Loyal to the bitter end.”

Plague Hounds are domesticated dogs that became infected with the plague.

The dogs’ minds slowly fade away, their once radiant forms are reduced to hollow husks as the sickness takes its toll.

Even in this reduced state, Plague Hounds remain loyal to their masters, they often wander alongside or nearby Plague Troopers.

Plague Hound and dog handler on patrol.

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