“We went from door to door, looking for survivors.

The village was a ghost town. No one lived here for some time.

After we secured the perimeter, we moved deeper into the settlement until we reached the church, burned and crumbling at the very center of the village.

And then we saw it. A mountain of dripping flesh.

The missing villagers, said the officer.”

Abominations are living mounds of bone and blubber, howling and hissing through many mouths and crawling forward on multiple twisted limbs.

Their bodies keep mutating into new forms and sprouting appendages that grab anything that comes close to them.

Abominations are very hard to kill and sometimes limbs lost in combat continue to live and further mutate into new forms called Fleshlings.

A parade of flesh.

Mimic Spider

-Mimic Spider

Mimic Spider is a large, arachnid-like monster from the other side.

This creature is particularly terrifying not only because of its enormous talons, but for its disturbing ability to mimic Human speech by absorbing the essence of its prey.

An opportunistic predator, it relies on concealment to hunt, staying out of sight by burrowing deep in the earth.

Once hidden, it attracts its prey towards it by crying for help before pouncing.

Living Nightmares

“Hell is empty and all the devils are here.”

-William Shakespeare

It was the summer of 1916 when the Earth turned barren and the oceans boiled away.

It was the summer of 1916 when the veil was lifted and nightmares walked the earth.

Unspeakable demons brayed and screamed as they feasted on the fallen.

Even then Mankind failed to come together against a common enemy.

These are the end times.

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