Crazy Evil

“I’ve seen them once, from a distance. Their manic screams echoed through the Night.

Soon the conflict between brothers in arms degenerated into a bloodbath.

And they fucking loved it.”

The bloodthirsty Murder Corps are the result of a German experiment to create soldiers who are able to kill when ordered to without feeling guilt.

The experimental serum caused symptoms like severe shaking hands, bloodshot eyes, nosebleed, splitting headaches and induced a permanent state of hyper-aggression, turning men into killing machines.

Even tho the experiment was a failure, production of new Blood Troopers never stopped.

Demands made by Murder Corps masters are getting stranger by the day, and tensions between them and other Cultist leaders are at an all-time high.

Blood Trooper #1

A young Blood Trooper, wearing the signature colors of the Murder Corps.

Entrenching tools are often used as melee weapons, their edges sharpened like axes.

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