These men have endured the worst war has to offer and they’ve got the scars to prove it.

Facial prosthetics are common among veterans who suffered severe injuries that left them disfigured.

These type of masks vary in size and quality, usually wooden or ceramic with handpainted details.


Sergeants oversee soldiers in their daily tasks, and are expected to set a standard for lower-ranked soldiers to live up to.

They are also responsible for maintaining discipline within the squad they lead in battle.

After the great mutinies that almost led to the complete disintegration of the French army when the veil was lifted, Liberation Army commanders took drastic measures to make sure history did not repeat itself.

One of those changes was to limit the connection between soldiers and those who lead them in battle.
Each Sergeant is assigned to a new unit after each successful misson or campaign and another one takes his place. This way officers can remain objective and unbiased in their decisions.

In addition each Sergeant is supplied with a leather mask and is expected to wear it at all times, hiding their facial expressions as well as creating another symbol of authority.


Si ce n’est pas nous alors qui ?”
-Infantry motto, Liberation Army

The proud infantry form the backbone of the Liberation Army, the first line of defence against cultists and monsters.

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