Townfolk #2

Some denizens are always eager to fight and despite their poor training and lack of equipment, they can quickly overrun an isolated military patrol.

Bar patron, drunkard, brawler.
Arsonists are usually found around plague-ridden districts.

Townfolk #1

Commoners usually keep their heads down and avoid trouble but if cornered, they will fight with whatever they have.

A decent man will do anything to protect his family.
Small-time criminal, mugger, bushwhacker.

Rat Prophet

A young man in rat costume.

His mask is made out of the preserved head of the last rat patriarch.

The Rat Prophet unleashes his children to devour his enemies.

Sisterhood Of Healing

Magdalene Sisters are part of a monastic order dedicated to serving people in need, aiding the poor and healing the sick.

Groups of Magalene Sisters are often found in the frontline trenches, providing soldiers with medical care and compassion when it is most needed.

The Grand Artist

“Non, non, non, my skills have quite outgrown the confines of the theatrical medium.

I shall take my talents directly to the place they call No Man’s Land.

Ah, Mon ami!

The screams! Le sang! Le drame!

L’inspiration! My muse!

The crowd, they call to us, ├ęcoutez!”

Giovanni is a painter, actor, poet, composer, sculptor and playwright who was once an important figure on the French art scene, his admirers traveling from all around the world to attend his events.

Nowdays he roams the wastes in search of an artistic reveletion, stating that this is real life, and that the theater was never as exciting.

The lack of attention made Giovanni miserable and lonely, the horrors of war made him lose grip of reality.

The actror sees the war zone as a play, believing that the enemies are other actors or detractors who came to criticize his work.

He often leaves his masterpieces on random places so that people can admire his work once again.

A painting, a sculpture or a poem, always acompanied by a waxed blood rose.

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