“As long as one of them draws breath, there is no hope for the world.”

Diabolists are sinister warlocks, utterly
dedicated to bringing forth the end of the world.

They serve as a doorway for the worst of the horrors which now walk the Earth.

Diabolists spend their lives hunting for dark and forbidden tomes of lore and will not hesitate to sacrifice millions to achieve their goals.

Cultist Uprising

Cultist generals promised Kaiser of Germany a swift victory by tapping on dark energies and dealing with forces beyong human comprehension.

But everything comes with a cost.

The various cults acted quickly and soon controlled the majority of German armed forces.

They purged their own ranks of those who would stand on their way, executing them in cold blood while sacrificing others in dark rituals that released monsters into the world.

Years later, cultist forces continue their campaign of corruption, often stalled by bickering among paranoid leaders.

Exalted Commander

Exalted commanders are proud, high-ranking officers who live for combat.

Always leading from the front, they are found wherever the fight is thickest, barking orders and slaying those who get in their way.

The bodies of such officers are ravaged by implants, extra organs and cruel grafts. They suffer greatly, sacrificing much of themselves to win the war.

Avatar Of Agony

Hans Bieler was always a beloved officer, well-mannered and forgiving, with a bright future ahead of him.

When the gorger’s onslaught left Bieler’s body a ravaged wreck, the medical personnel rushed to the barely alive officer’s side.

The terrible fluids pumping through his veins keeps him alive, despite the catastrophic damage, Bieler is now worshiped as an avatar of agony.


Grenade Junkies are dangerous pyromaniacs obsessed with explosions, the smell of burned flesh and utter destruction.

In combat they throw grenade after grenade, not discriminating friend from foe.

Black Captain

Black Captains are high-ranking officers in the new regime, former Stalkers themselves, they now oversee the Stalker program.

The aspirants who survive the cruel training are exiled to the barren land to prove their worth by taking on one of most deadly enemies.

They will return victorious, with a bloody trophy of the demonic decorating their uniform or not at all.

Stalker #2

Stalkers are professional soldiers, experts in both close and ranged combat, they act as bodyguards and enforcers.

Stalker #1

Stalkers are professional soldiers, experts in both close and ranged combat, they act as bodyguards and enforcers.

Severed abomination hand denotes rank within the warband.

Fiend Doctor

A doctor’s main job is to patch up wounded soldiers and make sure they live to fight another day.

Like most cultists, Fiend Doctors abandoned themselves to madness.

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