Lone Wolf

Wolves proved a real menace to the western front and by 1917 they were almost driven to extinction by hunting parties of soldiers and locals sponsored by Liberation Army.

The few that remain are the toughest of their kind.


“Tell the cook to prepare the fire. Tonight we feast.”

-Famished soldier

Pigs are the safest source of meat for the starving villages.

The fat beasts are mostly fed on human flesh, and the dead are abundant. This is a well-kept secret.

A single pig can feed a small warband and grabbing one alive is worth it’s weight in gold to the traders.

Trench Rats

“Just as some fool said it couldn’t get worse, the rats began to show up.”

The trench soldiers have to cope with millions of rats.

The omnipresent rats emerge from the dark, they feed on the plentiful bodies that litter the ground, and multiplay exceedingly.

Enormous creatures, fat with human flesh, spread disease and death in their wake.

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