Wolf Hunter

Liberation army officers remained skeptical of the various reports about werewolf attacks on the surrounding villages.

They certainly knew about the rift and the creatures that creeped in our reality but common folk, superstitious and scared, were not always trustworthy.

Not knowing for certain how werewolves are created and unwilling to send military personnel to deal with this matter, the French army instead hired local hunters to kill all the wolves, just to be safe.

Hunters are also hired by mercenary companies, to act as trackers and sharpshooters.

Lady Redhood, expert hunter
“So, my old foe, we meet again.”


The unearthly energies leaking from the other side are enough to wake ancient curses.

And the blood has not forgotten.

Townfolk #1

Commoners usually keep their heads down and avoid trouble but if cornered, they will fight with whatever they have.

A decent man will do everything to protect his family.
Small-time criminal, mugger, bushwhacker.
A madman driven insane by the horrors of war. Lunatic.

Mercenary Lord

“A long road I must still travel. This is but the beginning.”
-A tired voice behind a silver mask

Maximilian Muller was a veteran of many battles before this war broke out.

An honest man and a seasoned soldier in his early forties, the cultist spies knew it would be difficult to sway Maximilian to their cause and so he was marked for termination, along with thousands others.

By 1916, all military personnel marked by the cults, were pushed to the front lines with little to no support with the intent of culling their numbers.

It was later that year General Kruger ordered the immediate extermination of all such elements, an atrocity known as Kruger’s betrayal. Entire waves of soldiers were shot in the back by their comrades as they were going over the top, now trapped between the enemy and their treacherous brothers.

People were killed left and right by shell, gas or by the knives of the cultists. The fact that Maximilian was one of the few that survived is a testament to his spirit and his fortitude.

Years later, the old man managed to become one of the most successful mercenaries, offering his services to anyone who can afford them and readily finding empoyment in warbands intent on fighting his former, traitorous comrades.

Maximilian displays the idiosyncratic gear of a successful mercenary, including a custom leather vest fitted with metal plates worn under the tunic, a master-crafted sword and ceremonial helmet.

Mimic Spider

-Mimic Spider

Mimic Spider is a large, arachnid-like monster from the other side.

This creature is particularly terrifying not only because of its enormous talons, but for its disturbing ability to mimic Human speech by absorbing the essence of its prey.

An opportunistic predator, it relies on concealment to hunt, staying out of sight by burrowing deep in the earth.

Once hidden, it attracts its prey towards it by crying for help before pouncing.

Rat Prophet

You know who else didn’t finish his plate? The sewer child!

Now eat or rats will kidnap you in your sleep!

-Child Caregiver

The story of the orphan boy who was raised by rats is more than a cautionary tale to scare children into proper behavior.

The sewer child is very much real.

It is unclear what is fact and what is fiction, but one thing is certain, the sewer child has grown up to be the Rat Prophet, leader of the rat colonies and undisputed master of the black market.

The Rat Prophet makes his dealings in dark alleyways and has eyes everywhere.

Woe betide anyone who tries to cross him up.

The Rat Prophet, never breaking character in public, wears a mask made out of the preserved head of the last rat patriarch. His mere presence is enough to cast fear into the hearts of the superstitious.
A mechanical contraption swings the rat tail, the movement reinforces the masquerade.
The Rat Prophet unleashes his children to devour his enemies.

Plague Heavy Gunner

“Keep your head down, boy. If the hail of bullets won’t kill you, tetanus will.”
-Merc’s advice on fighting the infected.

It is a rare sight to see a plague heavy gunner on patrol, most MG 08s are set up in machine gun nests defending a piece of land they call Plaguelands.

The corpse-like soldier marches forward stoically, laying down suppressing fire while shrugging off all but the most devastating wounds.

What Of The Plague?

“Mode of infection: Unknown

Is it transmitted through air? Saliva? Touch? What else?

Some infected soldiers insist that the disease speaks to them. Fever?

Suggested course of action: Shoot on sight. Do not touch. Burn the remains.

I wish there was another way, commander.”

-Notes and instructions of a plague doctor, written in a small piece of paper and sealed with black wax. This message was delivered to the French commander Arthur Blanchet.

The plague is a highly contagious sickness of unknown origin.

It is unclear if the plague is supernatural or purely natural phenomenon, or some combination of the two. Some say it was a man that created the plague, in an effort to produce a new chemical weapon to turn the tides of war, while others speak of the miasma of the damned.

This virulent disease wreaks havoc within a living body’s system, painful buboes erupt in the soft tissues and it’s always accompanied by a high fever.

The infected then go mad with pain and they are not responsible for their actions. Clothes and bandages soak in green fluids.

In the last stages of the infection, the sufferers of this terrible disease are relieved of any pain as the plague takes over the nervous system.

The infected rise again, feeling nothing and hearing nothing but the voice of the plague speaking in their heads.

Plague Hound

“Loyal to the bitter end.”

Plague Hounds are domesticated dogs that became infected with the plague.

The dogs’ minds slowly fade away, their once radiant forms are reduced to hollow husks as the sickness takes its toll.

Even in this reduced state, Plague Hounds remain loyal to their masters, they often wander alongside or nearby Plague Troopers.

Plague Hound and dog handler on patrol.

Trench Rats

“Just as some fool said it couldn’t get worse, the rats began to show up.”

-British Soldier

The trench soldiers have to cope with millions of rats.

The omnipresent rats emerge from the dark, they feed on the plentiful bodies that litter the ground, and multiplay exceedingly.

Enormous rats, fat with human flesh.

The worst of them are the septic rats, filthy vermin that spread disease and death in their wake.

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