Carcass Of A Bull

Military units forced to fall back take everything not bolted down and destroy the rest, denying the enemy of any hint of advantage.

Cattle share a similar fate, animals that can’t be evacuated are immediately terminated.

Precious meat, left to rot under the hot sun.

Lone Wolf

Wolves proved a real menace to the western front and by 1917 they were almost driven to extinction by hunting parties of soldiers and locals sponsored by Liberation Army.

The few that remain are the toughest of their kind.


Anton B. was severly wounded during the great cull and was left for dead by the frenzied Cultists.

He found himself deep in enemy territory, disoriented and short of ammunition and food.

Anton believed he was the only survivor in a world of traitors and waged a war of his own behind the enemy lines, setting ambushes and destroying enemy infrastructure.

But his mental state has deteriorated as the years went on, maddened by grief and solitude.

When a group of mercenaries made contact with the malnourished stormtrooper, they nicknamed him Ratjuice, due to his appetite for dead rats.


Eugene experienced the horrors of war from the start, has seen things no man should ever see, and like many others, he found solace at the bottom of a bottle.

As long as there is wine, no job is beneath Eugene, no matter the odds.

He retains the colourful traditional uniform of the nineteenth century rather than the practical horizon-blue field dress of the Liberation Army.

Crazy Evil

“I’ve seen them once, from a distance. Their manic screams echoed through the Night.

Soon the conflict between the collaborators degenerated into a bloodbath.

And they fucking loved it.”

The bloodthirsty Murder Corps are the result of a German experiment to create soldiers who are able to kill when ordered to without feeling guilt.

The trial serum fried their brain and induced a permanent state of hyper-aggression, turning men into killing machines. Other symptoms include severe shaking hands, bloodshot eyes, nosebleed and splitting headaches.

Even tho the experiment failed to give the expected result, production of new Blood Troopers never stopped.

Demands made by Murder Corps masters are getting stranger by the day, and tensions between them and other Cultist leaders are at an all-time high.


“Tell the cook to prepare the fire. Tonight we feast.”

-Famished soldier

In a world that slowly fades away, pigs are the safest source of meat for the starving villages.

The fat beasts are mostly fed on human flesh, and the dead are abundant. This is a well-kept secret.

Typically they are the primary focus of invaders since a single pig can feed a small warband and grabbing a live one is worth it’s weight in gold to the traders.

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