What Of The Plague?

“Mode of infection: Unknown

Is it transmitted through air? Saliva? Touch? What else?

Some infected soldiers insist that the disease speaks to them. Fever?

Suggested course of action: Shoot on sight. Do not touch. Burn the remains.

Gather as many flamethrowers as you can.

I am sorry, commander.”

-Notes and instructions of a plague doctor, written in a small piece of paper and sealed with black wax. This message was delivered to the French commander Arthur Blanchet.

The plague is a highly contagious sickness of unknown origin.

It is unclear if the plague is supernatural or purely natural phenomenon, or some combination of the two. Some say it was a man that created the plague, in an effort to produce a new chemical weapon to turn the tides of war, while others speak of the miasma of the damned.

This virulent disease wreaks havoc within a living body’s system, painful buboes erupt in the soft tissues and it’s always accompanied by a high fever.

The infected then go mad with pain and they are not responsible for their actions. Clothes and bandages soak in green fluids.

In the last stages of the infection, the sufferers of this terrible disease are relieved of any pain as the plague takes over the nervous system.

The infected rise again, feeling nothing and hearing nothing but the voice of the plague speaking in their heads.

The Ghost In The Trenches

“It is real, the ghost in the trenches. I know because I’ve seen it.

It was the night that all went to hell. Back then I was attached to a Stray Dogs mixed squad, saboteur division. We found ourselves deep into enemy territory, the trenches were crawling with German soldiers, screams and laughter filled the air. Despite our best efforts, ultimately the primary objective was lost. We were outnumbered five to one and most men were killed in the first moments of the attack. The order to fall back was issued and we broke ranks.

My rifle was damaged by a grenade shrapnel and I had to drop it. I run as fast as I could but I got lost in the unfamiliar trenches, losing the remnants of my comrades as I stumbled into a dead end.

I turned around and there stood a single German, the piercings on his face stretching the skin in bizzare ways as he smiled. He walked slowly as he took aim.

I closed my eyes, preparing for the end. Out of nowhere came a clang followed by an agonised scream. I opened my eyes and was shocked to see the German soldier screaming and cursing, his foot was caught in a mechanical trap, metal teeth biting deep, touching bone.

Then I saw it, the ghost in the trenches. A man in heavy clothes walked from the shadows, his arm extended, revolver in hand. He moved towards the trapped soldier slowly, until the barrel of the gun touched the German’s nose. They both stood there for a long moment, unmoving and silent. The man holstered his gun and reached for the axe on his back. The German’s head hit the ground with a dull thud.

The man then picked up the bloody bear trap, strapped it on his back and turned his head towards me one last time before disappearing in the darkness.”

The drifter is a professional mercenary with a mysterious past. No one knows where he came from and only a handful know his real name. He is accepting jobs no one else does, sneaking in and out of anywhere, unseen.

His survivalist skills truly shine in no man’s land where he makes his way from trench to trench alone, setting up deadly traps and moving undetected.

Besides the jobs he accepts from the different military groups of the allied forces, the drifter is also revered as a savior by the communities of Atropos for getting rid of evil-doers and defending the common folk in need, often without accepting a reward.

The drifter’s signature equipment. The bear trap, a simple mechanical device that drove many soldiers to an early grave and a special gift of friendship from the Toymaker, a teddy bear used by the drifter as a lure or distraction. “Is that a child’s toy? I’ve got to investigate further.”

Living Nightmares

Humans who heed the Neverborn’s call and accept his gift, they transcend their mortal shell and transform into beings of immense power and suffering. They become demons.

Feral demons are born from tormented souls who were driven on the edge by constant strife and starvation. They simply give up life as they accept the false promises of salvation. Already weakened, their souls do not survive the excruciating transformation and the newborn, grotesque creatures are driven only by their murderous insticts, the insatiable hunger for human souls.

On the other hand, the cold-hearted, greedy mortals who put their own ambitions above all and listen to the Neverborn’s promises of power absolute, they offer their souls willingly to the Neverborn as the pact is sealed. Their bodies cracking with diabolical energy as they retain their black souls. These creatures, the Illuminated, are the most dangerous of their kind. The Illuminated are working towards the Neverborn’s plans and act as his unholy crusaders. At the same time, they are plotting against each other in a shadow war for supremacy.

The Batallions Of Ruin

After General Kruger’s betrayal and the chaos that followed, the German forces in Atropos, lacking any proper leadership, disbanded into smaller warbands.

The warband known as Metzger’s Elite is a sadistic lot, mutilating their faces and living in constant agony, mirroring the Neverborn’s suffering.


The once beautiful priestess paid dearly for her devotion to the Neverborn.

Despite her wretched appearance, Nihilii remains one of the strongest demons, with powers that warp the reality around her and the ability to control lesser creatures.


The demon Nehek’Hara is a solitary hunter. Not much is left of her human frame, now running in all fours, rows of teeth dripping acidic saliva.

Lacking eyes, she tracks her prey by smelling the fear in their hearts.

Nehek’Hara only devours the hearts of her victims and often vermin or other vile creatures acompany this feral demon, feeding on the remains like vultures.

Mother Of Pigs

The sow is an ancient three-headed mutant that has lived in captivity for centuries. Similar to a queen ant, she does not need to mate in order to give birth. Her offsprings are always born infertile and this makes the mother of pigs a unique boon to her captors in a world of perpetual starvation.

Piglets are the safest source of food for the communities of Atropos and a living pig is worth it’s weight in gold to the traders. With all the gifts of nature brought by the mother of pigs so comes a price for enslaving such a beautiful creature.

Thousands of men have died in bloody wars as the word spreads about the location of the sow. Then the circle begins anew, the victors takes the blind pig to her new resting place to produce more swine. In return she only asks for one thing, the consumpsion of the dead.

Master Metzger

An obsessive creature, Master Metzger leads his sadistic army through Atropos, conquest in mind.

He is determinted to reunite the fragmented German forces and eliminate those who stand in his way.

With a unified German force at his desposal, he can then turn his sight towards his real aspiration, to control the Neverborn.

Hans Bieler

Hans Bieler was always a beloved officer, well-mannered and forgiving, with a bright future ahead of him.

When the giant gladiator’s onslaught left Bieler’s body a ravaged wreck, the medical personnel rushed to the barely alive officer’s side. The demon blood pumping through his veins keeps him alive, despite the catastrophic damage, Bieler is now worshiped as a living saint.

When he joins the battle, mounted on the back of a Medical Thrall, troops push even harder in an effort to honor their lost commander.

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