Rat Prophet

You know who else didn’t finish his plate? The sewer child!

Now eat or rats will kidnap you in your sleep!

-Child Caregiver

The story of the orphan boy who was raised by rats is more than a cautionary tale to scare children into proper behavior.

The sewer child is very much real.

It is unclear what is fact and what is fiction, but one thing is certain, the sewer child has grown up to be the Rat Prophet, leader of the rat colonies and undisputed master of the black market.

The Rat Prophet makes his dealings in dark alleyways and has eyes everywhere.

Woe betide anyone who tries to cross him up.

The Rat Prophet, never breaking character in public, wears a mask made out of the preserved head of the last rat patriarch. His mere presence is enough to cast fear into the hearts of the superstitious.
A mechanical contraption swings the rat tail, the movement reinforces the masquerade.
The Rat Prophet unleashes his children to devour his enemies.

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