Mother Of Pigs

The sow is an ancient three-headed mutant that has lived in captivity for centuries. Similar to a queen ant, she does not need to mate in order to give birth. Her offsprings are always born infertile and this makes the mother of pigs a unique boon to her captors in a world of perpetual starvation.

Piglets are the safest source of food for the communities of Atropos and a living pig is worth it’s weight in gold to the traders. With all the gifts of nature brought by the mother of pigs so comes a price for enslaving such a beautiful creature.

Thousands of men have died in bloody wars as the word spreads about the location of the sow. Then the circle begins anew, the victors takes the blind pig to her new resting place to produce more swine. In return she only asks for one thing, the consumpsion of the dead.

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