Once Upon A Time On A Tired Battlefield, War Has Become Routine.

The War that would be over by Christmas 1914 drags on.


War on every front.

For those drenched in mud, War has become routine.

Atropos (from Greek Άτροπος, “without turn”), in Greek mythology, was one of the three Moirae, goddesses of fate and destiny. It was Atropos who chose the manner of death and ended the life of mortals by cutting their threads.

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Wolf Hunter

Liberation army officers remained skeptical of the various reports about werewolf attacks on the surrounding villages. They certainly knew about the rift and the creatures that creeped in our reality but common folk, superstitious and scared, were not always trustworthy. Not knowing for certain how werewolves are created and unwilling to send military personnel to… Continue Reading →


The unearthly energies leaking from the other side are enough to wake ancient curses. And the blood has not forgotten.

Townfolk #1

Commoners usually keep their heads down and avoid trouble but if cornered, they will fight with whatever they have.

Mercenary Lord

“A long road I must still travel. This is but the beginning.”-A tired voice behind a silver mask Maximilian Muller was a veteran of many battles before this war broke out. An honest man and a seasoned soldier in his early forties, the cultist spies knew it would be difficult to sway Maximilian to their… Continue Reading →


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