Once Upon A Time On A Tired Battlefield, War Has Become Routine.

Atropos is a hellish place, a prison realm. At the center of it lies the Neverborn, the first evil, trapped for all eternity. Many mortals throughout history have attempted to free this ancient being, out of greed or foolishness, they open the infernal gates. When the veil is lifted, a piece of reality is devoured by Atropos, condemning all souls, both innocent and guilty.

In these barren lands thousands of soldiers are locked in an eternal war. With shovels and sweat the trenches are expanded with each passing day. Forks, spoons and other objects are gathered and thrown in the great furnaces to supply the frontlines with fresh bullets.

For the common people of this land, their destiny is somewhat darker. Death is awaiting over every hill, behind every rock. Starvation is running rampant as the cursed lands birth no crops. Desperation is turning people against each other, brother murdering brother for a piece of rotting scrap.

Others turn to religion and join one of the hundred cults as they try to find a greater meaning for their suffering.

Those few hardened souls who manage not only to survive, but to thrive in this hell, they often make a living as specialists, demon slayers and mercenaries.

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The Grand Artist

“Non, non, non, my skills have quite outgrown the confines of the theatrical medium. I shall take my talents directly to the place they call No Man’s Land. Ah, Mon ami! The screams! Le sang! Le drame! L’inspiration! My muse! The crowd, they call to us, ├ęcoutez!” Giovanni is a painter, actor, poet, composer, sculptor… Continue Reading →

What Of The Plague?

“Mode of infection: Unknown Is it transmitted through air? Saliva? Touch? What else? Some infected soldiers insist that the disease speaks to them. Fever? Suggested course of action: Shoot on sight. Do not touch. Burn the remains. Gather as many flamethrowers as you can. I am sorry, commander.” -Notes and instructions of a plague doctor,… Continue Reading →

Plague Trooper #1

A corrupted stormtrooper. The visage of death iconography is typicial of the Sons of the Worm warband.

The Ghost In The Trenches

“It is real, the ghost in the trenches. I know because I’ve seen it. It was the night that all went to hell. Back then I was attached to a Stray Dogs mixed squad, saboteur division. We found ourselves deep into enemy territory, the trenches were crawling with German soldiers, screams and laughter filled the… Continue Reading →


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