Once Upon A Time On A Tired Battlefield, War Has Become Routine.

The War that would be over by Christmas 1914 drags on.


War on every front.

For those drenched in mud, War has become routine.

Atropos (from Greek Άτροπος, “without turn”), in Greek mythology, was one of the three Moirae, goddesses of fate and destiny. It was Atropos who chose the manner of death and ended the life of mortals by cutting their threads.

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“As long as one of them draws breath, there is no hope for the world.”Diabolists are sinister warlocks, utterlydedicated to bringing forth the end of the world.They serve as a doorway for the worst of the horrors which now walk the Earth.Diabolists spend their lives hunting for dark and forbidden tomes of lore and will…

War Dog

“I came face to face with a mercenary the other day.He was resting on the stairs of the shelled school, and, beside him, a dog.Their bodies were scarred, battle wounds old and new. The canine’s black fur matched the coal black greatcoat of the soldier.He picked up a can of jerky, divided it equally and…


The innocent of this world.They must be protected at all costs.

Carcass Of A Bull

Military units forced to fall back take everything not bolted down and destroy the rest, denying the enemy of any hint of advantage.Cattle share a similar fate, animals that can’t be evacuated are immediately terminated. Precious meat, left to rot under the hot sun.


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